Bangkok & Pattaya

Day 1

As I land in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, I see the high rise buildings, congested traffic laden roads and feel the intense morning heat. We leave for Pattaya directly from the airport in a mini bus hired by us.  During the one and a half hour journey to Pattaya, I see swaying palm and coconut trees, the divine nature, jaw dropping food stalls and drove by some holy temples. The sublime beaches, pulpy orange juices, tasteful fruits, all call my heart as I long to experience it all over again after four years. As we reach Pattaya, we stop at the beach road right across our hotel; Mera Mare. The advantage of this hotel’s location being that the distance to the beach road was a minute walk, making it easier to grab the opportunities of experiencing the ‘to-do’ water sports and enjoy the serene beach. After I arranged all my luggage in my room, I walked towards the heart of Pattaya; the beach! After soaking in the calmness and atlantica of the beach, striking a few poses here and there, I returned to hotel for some rest. Soon the weather turned dull and gloomy while monsoon clouds found their way into the city. I ate local lunch; Thai curry and sticky rice that were mouth-watering ! I explored different types of delectable fruits on the beach road and drank some pulpy orange juice that awakened my senses. By then, it was night time, yet raining so I directly left to devour over some Indian food to fulfill my craving. The ‘Haveli Indian Restaurant’ was situated next to the very famous Mike shopping mall of Pattaya which was in walkable proximity of our hotel however we prefered to enjoy the local transport; a tuk-tuk. The Indian restaurant; as I entered I wasn’t very pleased with the ambiance of the place and there weren’t many customers or attendants, although the food that I ate was delicious and brought out the Indian side of me. Now I would get a good night’s sleep as I await the next day at Pattaya, a city home to a splendid beach!


Day 2

As they say “early to bed, early to rise”, well that was the total opposite for me. I woke up quite late due to which I skipped the early breakfast. I thought of going for a de- stressing swim to the pool located on one of the floors of my hotel and the pool was an extremely gorgeous looking one. Swimming pools have always been a stress buster for me, the sounds of people swimming, the splashes and the smell of chlorine, seem to exactly know how to please me. After some unperturbed time at the pool, I got dressed and left for some much awaited shopping time at the local and bustling Mike Shopping Mall where I walked up to. Since I had a lot of time to spend at the mall, I utilised that time and ate locally cooked food at the thai restaurant in the mall itself. Eating the soy chicken and noodles, I tasted the crispness and freshness along with the spice of the food. I soon felt the need to eat some juicy fruits and so I walked towards the backside of Mike shopping mall where the fruit market was located. I also bought some clothes and accessories at the mall . I ate some delectable mangoes, mango steens, dragon fruits, lychees and tried many more. Then we walked towards a nearby restaurant for dinner which was just 5 kilometres from the fruit market. We chose to walk it up in order to build a larger appetite. I ate some South Indian food at a lovely restaurant called ‘Madras Darbar’ which had a pleasing ambiance.The hospitality was great and so was the look, this place gave me a feeling of being at home. This day was a tiring, long day but thoroughly enjoyable.


Day 3

Waking up from my deep sleep, I hurried for something I was longing for; an exhilarating speed boat adventure. I did not want to get drenched so I prefered to wear my swimsuit for the ride expecting water splashing on me. In some time I found myself on the beach across the street, standing right there in a funky “beachy” attire, was our speed boat sailor. As he escorted me to my speedboat, I took the safety precautions of wearing a life jacket. Within 30 minutes of the ride, I enjoyed as well as experienced a few water splashes, gushes of air hitting across my face and tummy tickles with the ups and downs of the waves. Soon I had to tidy up and pack to leave for Bangkok ! The journey and drive to Bangkok was long and tedious.  I reached my destination during late afternoon. I rested for a while in my hotel ‘Siam @ Siam Design Hotel located in the city center. This hotel had an extraordinary entrance and well designed rooms . I then left for an enjoyable and time consuming place; the flea market ‘Chatuchak & JJ Greens Market’ a really famous market in Bangkok. It was 20 minutes drive from our hotel. I spent the rest of the evening in this huge market that was surprisingly more confusing than a maze. I ate all my scrumptious and delicious meals over here. I returned to my hotel within 10 minutes as there was no traffic at the late night hour. I was so tired that I came back and instantly dozed off. I look forward to the next day in Bangkok!


Day 4

Clatters of rain, click in my ears. I was awakened by the rhythm of the rain this morning as usual I woke quite late thus I missed my buffet breakfast. Thankfully I was served breakfast in bed; freshly baked croissants, pulpy orange juice, cheese and ham omelettes with delicious muffins. Quite too much for my appetite! After completing the first meal of the day, I quickly got dressed and left for some interesting experiences. At first I visited a ‘gem production house’ right opposite my hotel. Here I saw a variety of gemstones and jewellery made, this was truly an experience I would never forget. We then visited the very famous ‘Safari World’ where I got to see the marine park and the safari park with hundreds of animals from all over the world. Later in the day we went to the shopping mall called Platinum mall which is very famous in Bangkok and was 10 minutes from my hotel. I was soon back in the hotel where I enjoyed a wholesome dinner meal and left for the night flea ‘Neon Market’. Getting back to the hotel past midnight, I grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and went off to bed.


Day 5

So even though I slept at midnight, I woke up on time for a lavish buffet breakfast spread. I enjoyed a meal of scrambled eggs and granola corn flakes; a healthy breakfast. Although they had a huge spread of many more yummy breakfast options, I decided to keep it light and eat something sufficient for my small appetite. I then packed all my luggage as I had a flight to catch in the night. I left for some last minute shopping of collectibles and gifts to Platinum mall. I ate my lunch soon; the last thai meal of the trip and so I filled my stomach with all the thai dishes on the menu. After a while, I checked out and left for the airport that was 45 minutes away from the hotel. This trip was totally ‘Amazing’, I have no words to express about the beauty, hospitality and everything of Bangkok and Pattaya and I enjoyed my heart out! Now I await my next trip and I really look forward to blog about that too!!!!


Since this was my 4th trip to Thailand, I did not revisit certain tourist attractions, however I would highly recommend them for my readers.  In Pattaya, one can experience everything from traditional to modern thai attractions. The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is home to entire theme park, restaurants, accommodations and various cultural shows. Due to its vastness, I usually rent a Segway to go around. In Bangkok, The Grand Palace is one must see play to visit and it continues to leave by stoppers in awe with its dazzling architectural detail. The floating market displays dozens of wooden row boats each loaded with fruits, vegetables and flowers. Although it is not hygienic and  is infested with mosquitoes still remains a place that is quite awe-inspiring. The ‘Tha Khafloating market is the best to visit out of them all.


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