Berlin, an old city with a young heart. In this city, you cannot just witness history but can also touch and feel it with every movement. Smitten with the urban, as well as historical vibes around me, I was convinced that once I was back, I was bound to say “take me back”. The combo of glamour and spiritedness remains enclosed in this awe-striking city of tales, waiting to mesmerise those with a zest to explore the passion behind the secrets of stories that lay in Berlin.

Settled in East Germany and being the capital of the country, Berlin is that one city which inculcates the most ideal blend of all cultures and all provisions. The historic monuments and remains, the vibrant roads and chic shops make this exemplary place is a feeling, not just a city.

Taking the hop on and hop off routes in the city are quite advisable as they offer the best views of all there is to see in Berlin. This bus covers all famous and unseen attractions while for those who would like to see everything on their own, the local transport can be a solution. One of the most famous landmarks in the city is the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie; this wall was made to act as a border between East Germany and West Germany years ago. A walk along the stretch of the Berlin Wall and a visit to the adjoining Checkpoint Charlie would leave anyone stunned. (Note: be sure to collect a bear souvenir from the surrounding shops for a jovial memory to remember your trip to Berlin). The Brandenburg Gate, (located just behind the Berlin Wall) serves as the centerpiece of Pariser Platz and is the perfect picture location because of its exterior beauty.

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The Holocaust Memorial/ Memorial of the Murdered Jews is a sight in the city known for the way it was formed as well as an area to showcase the coffins of the jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

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The Berlin Cathedral is the most beguiling of all churches because of its architectural integrity & complications. It is Berlin’s largest church and the most significant of all. This cathedral has had my heart from the time I witnessed it.

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The Prater Beer Garden Berlin is one of my favourite places to be in Berlin. The garden itself evokes a sense of serenity, and the food just adds to the whole experience. (If you are in the Beer Garden, be sure to try the local delicacy ‘Curry Verst’, it won’t disappoint you!)  

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For children, the Berlin Zoo is the most exciting place. With over 1,000 inhabitants, the zoo is where the fun begins.

 Berlin is an extraordinary city with beyond flabbergasting elements. The time spent here will satisfy every traveller’s needs and expectations. “Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never to being”– Karl Scheffler


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