Who hasn’t heard of this cosmopolitan city? Barcelona, the beautiful capital of Spain is home to various wonders in art and architecture. It is hometown to some of the most renowned world artists. This city also resides world-class wine and sangria! Medieval quarters and 20th century remains define this city. We aren’t surprised that Antoni Gaudi and Picasso works have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites; art just flows along Barcelona…

La Ramblas, the heart of Barcelona city is indeed the best place to be! A tree- lined street really known and adored by tourists. Along with pavement cafes, local shops, momento collections and commercial hotels this street location is known for the enchanting pavement mosaic by Joan Miro. La ramblas street allows only pedestrians and cyclists to use the pavement and is bordered by two narrow service roads. Street performers and human statues have a lot of entertainment to offer along the street of La Ramblas. One misfortune is that Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of the world, but don’t let this fact keep you away from this city! One can always be extra cautious by staying away from crowded areas and taking extra care of ones belongings.
Discover the best of this huge city Barcelona by taking the hop and hop off bus! The guided and narrative tour is a must for every tourist and the best route is the blue line beginning from Catalunya Square and ending back here! During this glorious sightseeing, one can hop on and hop off any time and also unravel secrets of hidden paths and monuments in the city. They also offer free wifi on-board! Visit some of the magnificent sculptures and monuments while soaking in the air of Barcelona.

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Mount Tibidabo’ the tallest peak overlooking the city of Barcelona that offers a panoramic view of the city . This mountain is occupied by the Sagrat Cor Church and the thrilling Tibidabo Amusement Park. The theme park is perfect for those who want to experience childlike adrenaline rushes. Tibidabo park is the second oldest built amusement park in the world and one of the first few to have been built. Feel the magic of history from centuries ago and at the same time enjoy classic new rides. More than 25 rides such as the pirate shop, the russian mountain and hurricane, these attractions have been made for all ages. Entrance fee can be looked up on the official website of Tibidabo Amusement Park, which is open on saturdays and sundays .

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Gaudi House Museum’, this was the residence of the extraordinary man Antoni Gaudi. He leaves everyone spellbound because of the person he was! This great architect has gone down in history and so have his creations. Located in Park Güell, the house belonged to Gaudi for 20 years of his life and later was open to public. Today, the museum illustrates the architect’s personal life and culture that while it displays all of his furniture as well as other objects designed by him. Throughout the city of Barcelona, several of Gaudi’s other works like the Casa Batlló and Casa Mila have been well preserved.

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Sagrada Familia’ is a Roman Catholic Church designed by Antoni Gaudi which is yet unfinished and is under construction. During Gaudi’s final years, he lived in the Sagrada Familia and wished to be buried here as he knew that he would not see the church fully constructed. The Sagrada Familia is an exceptional place of worship and has a lot of history attached to its architecture as well as the reason of being built. The church shares the site with the Sagrada Familia School building, a school originally designed by Gaudi for the children of the construction workers.

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Wait for the last Spain blog!!! Coming out soon!!

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