There is no city that can replace Singapore. The refinement of this city, the ambrosial of the food, the immaculateness of the streets and the generosity of the people, leaves one and all enthralled in the depths of what we call Singapore. Known for its fineness and uniqueness, this Lion City located just off the tip of Malaysia is a perfect mix of all cultures from its surroundings.

Singapore provides one with a disparate experience from what is usually expected from a city like this one. As I spent a plentiful amount of time in this beguiling city, I agnized that it was just what I needed to fulfill the desire of a long summer break.

The island country/city of Singapore can be reached by road, rail, air and water. A convenient way for people from all over the world to travel to Singapore is by air; The Changi Airport of Singapore is labelled as the world’s best airport. Singapore is connected to Malaysia, Johor Bahru and Thailand and thus can be accessed via rail as well (trains are accessible all day long from and to Singapore). The island country has 2 causeways that are connected to Malaysia and buses/cars can be used as a source of transportation. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia are countries from which cruises and ferries can be taken to arrive into Singapore.

It houses the world’s first ever night zoo; The Singapore zoo is open in the daytime as well as the night. The zoo is a regular one in the day but during the night, the 40 minutes open safari takes passengers to nocturnal animals and lets them see each other close up. The night forest trails are also open for exploring the zoo with/without a guide alongside. The Jurong Bird Park is an aviary open for tourists and is Asia’s largest bird paradise.

The Merlion of Singapore is a mythical symbol without which, the city would be missing out on something. This lion’s head and fish’s body attraction is an amazing picture spot and another monument to tick off your bucket list!

The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s most iconic hotel completed by its 58th floor swimming pool is another bustling tourist spot.While it is a hotel in itself, it has an inbuilt mall consisting of world class brands and local shops and it also contains several museums for art lovers.

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Gardens By The Bay is a futuristic botanical garden regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its skywalks, greenhouses and thousands of flora and fauna. It spans a total of 101 hectares right in the middle of Singapore’s new downtown, Marina Bay.

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The Singapore Flyer is the second largest ferris wheel in the world, suitable for children and for adults, this ferris wheel lets all passengers enjoy a view of Singapore from a great height.

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Smith and Pagoda streets in Chinatown make way for a pleasant stroll and bring the old traditions of Singapore alive. Its fascinating to explore this area in the day or night with plenty of cultural sights, street food and various shopping opportunities. The Chinatown street market is one of the city’s most popular spots for food and shopping.

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Snow City Singapore located within the science centre is an amazing family centric attraction.

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For those who love shopping, Orchards Road is the place! It is the epicentre of shopping in Singapore; shopping malls, high-street fashion shops, local markets, classy boutiques and restaurants make up the Orchards road. This bustling boulevard offers tourists the ultimate world-class experience.

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Food lovers or non food lovers have to try the Hainanese Chicken Rice made up of steamed chicken and rice, a Singaporean delicacy. For vegetarians, the Laksa (made of coconut curry and vegetables) should definitely be given a try!

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The West Coast is an astounding area to spend the day. Be it for jogging, dog run, barbeque pits or overnight camping, this area is a lively hub for family outings.

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30 minutes from Singapore (by road), Sentosa Island made for leisure, fun and recreation. It has things to do for everyone ranging from Universal Studios, the sea aquarium and beaches to the amazing Candylicious store, if you want to add fun and frolic to your trip to Singapore, then Sentosa is a must-visit!

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Singapore, the most expensive south-east Asian city will leave every tourist in awe of its cleanliness and meticulous architecture. No other city can replace this picture-perfect-setting of cultural diversities. Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.14.00 PM.png

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