TravelsALaCarte x Fashion

Fashion x Travel, an undeniable addition to #theblendseries has been long awaited. A sequel to ‘Beauty x Travel’, ‘Fashion x Travel’ is an important subject. Style and being à la mode are one of the first factors that come to an individual’s head while deciding their travel wear. However, the way one dresses in terms of trends is not the only thing to consider. Factors like the weather, culture and followed style of the destination are others to keep in mind while deciding how to dress and what to wear.

Planning outfits for holidays can pose as a challenge with the million things to consider on the bases of the destination. We’ve done our bit and have determined how to cope with several elements. Dressing in terms of these is ever exploratory, right from co-ord sets and bucket hats to crochet tops and espadrilles: the looks keep changing on the basis of the place to visit and of course, the individual’s willingness to mix things up.

Here’s what to keep in mind while deciding what to pack:

1.The weather of the destination during the time of visit – Weather and season are often mistaken for one another / perceived to be the same thing. It may be summer season, but the weather could be 30º or 39º. Thus, it’s important to look up the weather forecast before leaving to understand the temperature and plan outfits in accordance with fabrics. Explaining what to wear for every kind of weather would turn into being a book altogether, hence the simplest instance is this: If the weather of the destination is predicted to be more or less 35º for the duration of the vacation, the best clothing keeping in mind comfort and trends would be crochets and mini skirts for women and loose shirts and shorts for men. An easy wash and wear attire is always my go to outfit during all travels.

2.The culture of the place – Culture is another factor to keep in mind while arranging outfits. If the destination is somewhat conservative, be sure to keep clothes that are in accordance to the mindset. For example, half-sleeves tops, jeans and other such pieces of clothing.

3.Followed style – This may not seem like an actual factor but it is something I consider! To blend in with crowd, doing your research to understand what kind of fashion trend the locals of the destination follow at that time would aid a lot in curating outfits. Before I traveled to Paris in 2021, I realised that everyone there was wearing items like berets, stockings, plaid skirts, leather pants and puffer jackets so I created my travel inventory accordingly!

4.Activities – It’s good to plan outfits around the activities you plan on doing engaging in during your trip. You don’t want to carry all dresses only to realise that you planned on hiking up the mountain one of the days!

5.Wear your bulkiest items to the airport – Items like puffer jackets and boots during the winter or straw hats and beach bags during the summer should be worn / carried in hand to the airport. By doing this, you save up a lot of space in your luggage and can use it for other things.

6.Accessories – Comfortable footwear like sneakers and slides should be your all time favourites during your holiday. Boots are recommended during the winters to ensure apt body temperature, moreover they’re indefinitely stylish! Additionally, cross body and waist bags are the most convenient to carry around excursions as well as for glamorous outings like lunches and dinners. Caps and hats can be used for all seasons. Straw hats and shades are your best friends in the summer and berets and woollen hats are your go to-s for the winter.

Keeping in mind these 6 factors is important as well as helpful while deciding what to carry for your trip. To know more about dressing during travels, make sure to read the chapter ‘Being En Vogue’ (my personal favourite) from my book, ‘A Luxury Wanderer’s Book’.