Summer Holidays, the most awaited time of the year, Voila!!!! Couldn’t get better than enjoying it the spanish way… Spain it was… I began with a tranquil location, Aragonese Pyrenees in Larrede. The snow-capped mountains clubbed in valleys, beneath the little fleecy clouds, added to the peace. This hill station remains for its uniqueness in nature.

Driving into the countryside, I arrived at a rustic and charming chalet; Hotel Vinas De Larrede. The location of the hotel has a rich patrimony surrounded by great flora and fauna. Vinas De Larrede is positioned on a small paradise that’s essential for relaxing and provides serenity. This place brings alive the vintage thoughts in me along with medieval vibes in the background. Accompanied by a quaint cafe, pool along with urged sunbathing, a majestic spa, garden and plenty activities like skiing or trekking. The hotel facilities complete the need of a proper vacation.IMG-20180714-WA0018IMG-20180714-WA0017

Suscalar’, a restaurant by the park; kayaks on the glittering lake completed the day’s excursion within an hour’s reach. During sunrise, this lakeside promenade brightened my mood and enlightened the day. As globules of water splashed on me while kayaking, the surroundings of gothic castles, antiquated dense woods, soaring mountains all beneath the magical sky wrapped me in their breeze. Suscalar is a must visit and the kayaking as a part of it! This created an appetite for scrumptious mozzarella topped on bread.


Le Petit Train Artoustea narrow gauge railway based in the French Pyrenees near the Spanish border was a spectacular way to discover the Artouste lake and its glacier surroundings! Along the route, the landscapes of Soussoueoi make you admire the flora. After the gondolas ascend to the mountains, the open train ride takes you higher up from where the beautiful view of Pic du Midi of Ossau, including waterfalls, lakes, mountains of France. Nomadic walkers marked their presence on the Pyrenees, while I also hiked up the mountain enjoying the walk surrounded by the accumulated winter snow present during summer. For history lovers, the free entry to museum ‘M3’ completes the excursion. As I descended from the mountains, many eateries, local shops and other activity stalls called me. Tickets for this excursion range from 25 euros per person to 84 euros for families. Timings are varied for this ride during the different  seasons. Off to writing about my next driving destination….. Costa Brava!!!



Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 3.27.37 PM.png

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