Don’t just be a Tourist; feel like a Local.


Whether you’re a frequent traveller or are embarking on your first travel experience, both have the same goal; travel the destination without looking or behaving like a tourist! With all the perfect tips and hacks, anyone can accomplish the goal of blending in with the locals.

1.Familiarise Yourself.

Before reaching your destination, be sure to spend time exploring the country/city through google maps or read about connectivity pertaining to train and bus routes. This is the best way to become familiar with the street names and local sites that will help in directing your way through the city. Be sure to check out the visitor centre!

2.Check Local Media.

Reading local newspapers online and other print magazines can provide with a lot of openings, news and upcoming events. To find local sites, search (destination + blog + keywords of your interest). Seeking out to local picture bloggers and other destination influencers can be a great guidance.

3.Use public transport.

Familiarising yourself with the local transport instead of using taxis and tourist buses, will give an idea of a typical life in the city at the same time help you in mixing with the community around.

4.Learn the local key phrases.

If you only master a few foreign phrases for your destination, you will learn how to order the local favorites. Speaking those basic words can help you blend in at the best crowded spots and also helps in communicating with waiters, bartenders, shopkeepers and locals who can be the main and most helpful source for recommendations.

5.Meet the locals.

When they see you attempting to merge in, they’ll come forth to give you best suggestions for perfect spots, and we all agree that there is nothing better than getting advice from a local itself!

6.Prioritise apartment stay over hotel stay.

Another way to feel like a local is to choose a house above a hotel. If you are residing in a hotel during your stay in the city, it is likely that the area around the hotel has a congestion of tourists and you will bump into plenty of them which doesn’t actually make you feel like someone from the district. I suggest going through airbnb!

7.Consider eating local delicacies.

Make sure you eat the specialities of that destination for example the crepes, creme brulee or calisson if you’re in Paris because if you don’t then you are definitely missing out on some real treats. Those burgers and crisps are going to be there when you get back home.

8.Time Yourself.

Local communities and their festivals play a vital role in planning your travel. Be it the ‘Tomatina’,Spain, the ‘Fire Festival’, Japan or the various film festivals, travelling during these months is a tourist’s asset. So match the festival dates with your destination of travel. Seasonal sales, new collections and multiple holiday offers are surely a shopaholic traveller’s dream.

9.Dress the part.

The most crucial key to traveling like a local is to dress the part. It is important to research on the clothing before you reach your destination. If you are going to a city/country where people dress chic, classy and elegant and are most of the time in a formal attire and etiquette, don’t make the mistake of dressing the complete opposite or even slightly apart, then it doesn’t make you a part of the locality. Although countries like the United States of America have more of a casual approach towards their daily dressing.

10.Tourist, that’s what you are!

But it’s fun to be a tourist sometimes… you may want to fit in and behave, dress like a local and go to places where not many tourists come but if you’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower and it is on your bucket list then make sure to put a tick because you want it to be worth the while!

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