My first-hand experience guide to hands-down, the most beautiful and picturesque country I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring. I’m sure Switzerland will be your first post-pandemic thrilling destination:) 

The land of everything avant garde, a place like Switzerland is a place like bliss; it’s home far away from home. When I try to relive my memories from here, I recollect the blissful taste of the fresh chocolates, the ring of cuckoo clocks, the form of the dreamy snow and the warmth of each town. Regardless of whether Switzerland is your honeymoon destination or a family vacation go-to, its splendour makes it idealistic for every traveller. It’s also largely famous for its cheese and chocolate and also well known for its verdant landscapes.

With so many things to see and do, it’s home to the infamous Alps, amazing railway routes that blow my mind away each time I visit and enthral me with everything Swiss right from the snow-capped mountain tops to the immaculate lakes.The perfect destination for savouring the best of both cheese and chocolate is by far this place.  Although there are multiple reasons why I love this country so much… and guarantee you will too!

With so many towns and such quaint locations, here are my favourite few:


A homely town situated on the evergreen valley and pristine waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Interlaken has never failed to feel like home. Even though there isn’t much to do around here, admiring its captivating surroundings composed of mountains, lakes and old-town feels, dinner cruises, just soaking in the atmosphere makes it worth everything. I can safely say that this homely town is one of the reasons why I fell in love with Switzerland. 

  • Grindelwald, a village in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps, by far, was one of my favourite places for a day’s outing. Only 20 mins by road from Interlaken, this place was the location for the shooting of movies like James Bond and Star Wars. Known locally as ‘the vibrant Eiger village’, this village offers spectacular views and plenty of activities to keep travellers engaged. Buzzing with ski enthusiasts in winter and ecstatic hikers in summer, this village will get your adrenaline pumping as you ride in the cable car to the top of the mountain. For those who don’t enjoy strenuous activities, riding in scenic-viewed trains and relaxing in local luxurious spas are some other ways you can indulge in the magic of Grindelwald. 
  • Jungfraujoch is one of the most famous European peaks and the highest railway station on the continent. Commonly known as the ‘Top of Europe’, this hilltop offers an indescribable panorama of the surreal mountain range. The train ride to the mountain being only 2 hours from Interlaken is a perfect cosy getaway for every traveller. Whether it’s skiing amidst the Swiss Alps overlooking the gorgeous valley or unwinding in a heated chalet after a day well spent outdoors, Jungfrau completes your ideal Swiss holiday. So make way for icy air streams to hit across your face, feel the snow crunches under your feet, and enjoy the views that nearly take your breath away.

Mount Titlis

The highest glacier destination in the region of Central Switzerland, as the cable car drives you to Mount Titlis, you’ll be treated with one of the most spectacular views Switzerland has to offer. This is one place that provides snow-sure conditions from October to May, cross-country ski runs and walking trails during the winter. In summer, there’s plenty of other activities to enjoy such as hiking, mountain biking, rowing on Trübsee lake and the TITLIS Adventure Park. The TITLIS Rotair is the world’s first revolving cable car glacier cave, definitely worth a visit. Lastly, the TITLIS Cliff Walk is Europe’s highest suspension bridge, found at Mount Titlis. A journey from either Zurich or Lucerne, this Alpine peak is one of the most sought after in the region. Mount Titlis will have you beguiled as you ride on the Ice Flyer. 


A high-end resort town in the Swiss Alps, Gstaad is famous for its luxury shopping, upscale hotels and extensive ski areas often visited by European royals. With rustic chalets and sloping valleys, this car-free town is a fashionable getaway in the south west of the country. Gstaad is just like a charming snowy town from a Christmas book, dazzling everyone as they snow-board across the countryside. There’s plenty to do here, right from skiing, hiking and biking to salt water spas with open air swimming pools and saunas. 

  • Glacier 3000 is  a cable car ride from Gstaad and is one of the most famous mountain excursions from town. It offers a striking 360° panorama of the Vaudois, Bernese and Valaisan Alps. There is also a walkway to the Peak Walk by Tissot, a bridge suspended between two peaks. 


Ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world,  Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city. With its riverside bars and replenished industrial districts yet rustically designed streets and classic river boats, Zurich draws me to its unconventional old-world charm each time while adding a touch of urban chic with its buzzing nightlife. 

  • In the shopaholic’s diary, commonly referred to as the shopping capital of Switzerland, Zurich boasts of Bahnhofstrasse, a street lined with high-end shops. This street downtown is the most exclusive shopping avenue in the country with local as well as designer knick-knacks to satisfy every shopper. 
  • Grossmunster and Fraumunster Church are both ancient cathedrals, ideal for anyone wanting to check off the classic historical sites of this wondrous country. The Swiss National Museum is also an amazing place to visit for those curious to unravel the history of the country. 
  • Lake Zurich, famous for its glimmering blue waters and ever-lovely picturesque surroundings, is the perfect place for swimming and admiring the beauty of the old town through boating. 
  • The Zurich Opera House is what I like to address as a pièce de résistance. Looking at this classic opera house, I’m instantly taken to the days of renaissance. Engraved with different symbols, angels and goddesses and golden detailed walls, this is the place to be. 
  • The Zurich Zoo is ideal for a day outing with children. At the same time, the FIFA World Museum is a footballer’s paradise. 

While these are just a few attractions, there’s so much to explore in this beautiful city. The cheese fondue, rosti and raclette are three of my favourite Swiss dishes from the city. 


Lucerne, famed for its medieval architecture, snow-capped mountains, opulent chapels and enchanting castles, is another of the magical cities in this country. Lucerne is a dazzling replica of one of those scenic paintings we always see, making us feel like we’re in the heart of nature and surrounded by nothing but freshness. 

  • Linking Altstadt (the old town) to the right side of Reuss River, is the mesmerizing Chapel Bridge. It contains interior paintings that date back to the 17th century and is the oldest wooden covered bridge in all of Europe. 
  • When in Lucerne, visiting Lake Lucerne is an absolute must. Water sports like diving and general activities like boating are available, however the location of this lake is enchanting, as though it were pulled out as a classic medieval postcard. 
  • Mount Pilatus is a 10 minutes drive from Lucerne. Known as the ultimate hiking destination, this mountain has several peaks and is definitely worth a visit. 


Built around a crook in Aare River, Bern is Switzerland’s gorgeous capital. With its world-class modern art and bold architecture, Bern is also known as the city of fountains. The old town here is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it imperative to visit to explore the beauty and unparalleled attractions. 

  • Zytglogge, a landmark medieval tower serves as a clock tower and the centre of metropolitan life. 
  • The Old City is Bern’s medieval site. It remains untouched since it was constructed back in the 15th century. True to its name, it truly is a classic town with cobbled stone streets, lamp posts and houses lined by the river Aare. 
  • Restaurant Rosengarten is an enormous garden lined with perfectly symmetrical foliage consisting of different types of delectable food in its eateries. 

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