Costa Brava

Here we are….Time for Costa Brava!! The coastal region of Catalonia, Spain. What more can a water lover ask for? The most gorgeous and unspoilt romantic coastal stretch in Europe. Costa Brava, grand and gloriously wild with the sparkling Mediterranean flowing along the side.  The scenic region of Catalonia showcases unspoiled caves, historic remains, vast marine life , seaside towns and the best diving programs in Spain! It indeed is a traveller’s paradise.20180715_150249_0001.pngIMG_8903.JPG

The fresh sea salt, the blue waters and aroma of fish called me… as the taxi boat took me to AiguaBlava Beach   in Begur. I caught a glimpse of people engrossed in all kinds of summer activities from sunbathing to swimming. This beach is a perfect setting for a blissful summer day. Beginning from local restaurants right up to nomadic walks, this beach of Costa Brava should not be considered as a miss! Also hiring the pontoon slide boat is a must; it is the new sensation. Plunging into the deep sea just doesn’t sound gripping but it is. Local Spanish dishes like the seafood paella and baked asparagus are a must in the cafes surrounding the beach. The paella is a non veg eater’s dream dish come true with the fresh fish with exceptional quality rice. The baked asparagus is requisite for people who prefer veg; it is crunchy and spicy, just the way it’s expected to be.


The local companies conveniently provide people with supplies and amenities for the most talked about activity in Costa Brava; the water sports! Snorkelling, Scuba Diving and Deep Sea Diving are daring and thrilling sports; as they say “ Do not dare, to not dare”. Professionally trained instructors accompany you underwater making diving easier.

Besides beaches,  this place has art and history to offer. ‘Dali Theatre Museum’, was built  in the remembrance of Salvador Dali, located in Figueres, Catalonia. This museum is the largest surrealistic object in the world and offers a full fledged theatrical museum. Dali Theatre Museum is made for every art admirer and Salvador Dali is their inspiration. His paintings are surrealistic and contain information about his life and work. A restaurant called ‘Catalunya’ is based in the same area as the museum, home to the yummiest paella, fish soup along with croutons and parmesan making the most sumptuous meal.

For the enjoyment of the most exceptional and extensive world class coastline, visiting these places is a must for every Spain tourist. This little wonder offers extraordinary natural beauty and historical heritage thus undoubtedly being the best holiday choice for every travel enthusiast! Costa Brava, a tick to the bucket list.


Costa Brava.png


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