One day I was struck by wanderlust, and so I took off to Copenhagen; the city of hope and dreams.Copenhagen, a city where you see your dreams coming true and fulfil your hopes as it’s a mixture of everything, science, interior, fashion, business and culture. For tourists, it’s an amazing place as you’ll be able to take a break from your day to day life and blend into an atmosphere of peace and happiness while exploring things of several genres.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Its located on the eastern coast of the island Zealand, but a small portion of the city is on Amager. The city is separated from Sweden.


As I walked under the fluffy white clouds, I came to ‘Tivoli gardens a huge amusement and theme park located in the center of the city. If you have kids, this is the best place for them as it’s got outstanding roller coasters, broadway shows, mazes, clue hunts, 1 minute challenges, make your own cotton candy and slushie stalls etc. It’s also great for all ages  as there is a theater, many restaurants serving various cuisines, shops/ boutiques, bird sanctuaries, art museums and live dance shows . Tivoli garden is the largest and the oldest amusement park in the entire world. Another great place you can visit with kids is the Copenhagen zoo as its home to a variety of animals such as penguins, deer, lions, tigers, polar bears, sharks, cobras, pythons, giant tarantulas etc. Copenhagen zoo is the cleanest zoo in the Scandinavian route! I visited the Copenhagen aquarium and I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s not very hygienic. This aquarium is not different from any other aquarium as it does not showcase any unique species of aquatic life.

I would definitely recommend taking a walking tour (through tripadvisor) as it covers a lot of cultural/ historical attractions within 3 hours. Its very convenient for all ages as you can take how many ever breaks you like in the middle of the tour also because ours was a private tour hence we could. The guide would receive you from your location and take you through the mysterious gateways, royal palaces, historical monuments of the splendorous city of Copenhagen.


You will get to experience visiting these admirable sights such as ‘Rosenborg Palace’ a renaissance castle, the first ever made in Copenhagen, ‘Amalienborg’ the home of the existing royal Danish family. I would suggest you to visit it at 12 noon sharp as you would be able to see the change of the guards march and will get to click pictures with them! Next you will visit ‘Church of Our Savior’ known for its golden winding staircase and helix spire. Next, the holy ‘Gefion Fountain’ driven by the norse goddess Gefion. You will also go to the famous ‘Little Mermaid’ statue. Fun Fact: It’s a great site for a nice picture!! I would recommend you to go to ‘Nyhavn’ ‘New Harbour’. Its surrounded by colorful facades, medieval towers, floral cafes….. Its going to take you back in time! Copenhagen is the best place for everyone. I LOVE COPENHAGEN and I’m sure you will too!


Food In Copenhagen: The cuisine served there is ‘Danish’. The local food is the Frikadellar (which is a meatball dish), Smorrebrod (an open veg club sandwich) and the Flaekesteg (a roasted pork dish). The specialty is ‘Boller I Karry’ which contains pork/beef/chicken dumplings in curry. I would definitely recommend you to go to PAPIROEN (in Nyhavn) a place full of street food from all over the world. Its not a sit down restaurant but contains stalls of different cuisines from which you can buy food.


Ways to get there: The most convenient way to go to Copenhagen, Kastrup airport from any part of the world is by air.

Weather: The warmest month is July, The coolest is January and the monsoon begins in June.

Best Time to Visit: May, Early June or September.

Accommodation (Best through air bnb): if you’re on a luxury trip then you could stay in JW Marriot (an elite hotel) or if you don’t want to say in a hotel and instead an apartment then you could stay in ‘Sophie’s Apt’. If you’re on a backpack trip then you can stay in a youth hostel; ‘The Neighborhood’ near botanical gardens.

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