This truly unique hill station Mussoorie, also known as the Queen of Hills, surely shines bright like a glimmering necklace in the dark black sky. True vintage charm with a sublime neighbouring, Mussoorie has everything needed to soothe every traveller’s heart. Known for being a perfect hill station, this idyllic town remains as a doorway to the stories that stay enclosed in the Garhwal mountains.

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Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Mussoorie, is indeed a captivating paradise for one and all. It could be a summer spot for many, a weekend for some, but for me it was a christmas winter getaway. Inspired by my love for halcyon mountainous destinations, those that are sequestered from bustling cities, I chose Mussoorie. Under the blanched clouds and surrounded by some dazzling mountains, Mussoorie was just what I needed.

Located about 35km from Dehradun airport, Mussoorie can be reached by road. During this time in December 2018, the temperature varied from 5 degrees celsius to 2 degrees celsius during the day and the nights were as low as 1 degrees celsius. JW Marriott Walnut Grove Mussoorie displays its hospitality through a chic style and is perfect resort for those who want to experience and enjoy the serenity of nature, the luxurious way.

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The British-era cantonment of Landour, 6km from the city hub resides LalTibba, the highest point of Mussoorie. A walk from the crowded bazaars of Mussoorie, it’s a different world of peace and lush views over here overlooking the Himalayas. The local speciality, freshly steamed ‘Tandoori Momos’ is surely worth a try! A little downhill is a place commonly known as ‘Char Dukaan‘ well known for it’s 4 tea shops and offers benches to sit and get a picturesque Himalayan view. Next to Char Dukaan, lies an underground restaurant called Cafe Ivy famous for the best food in Mussoorie. The ideal combo was the rose mocha along with cheese maggie. The most famous promenade in Mussoorie is the Mall Road that offers chimerical viewpoints and treats to local shopping. A restaurant 1 km from Mall Road, one that I recommend the most is ‘Kalsang Friends Corner‘, that provides simply incredible oriental and Tibetan Food. ‘Thukpa‘ is a tibetan dish available at this place consisting of noodles and soup, a dish worth a try. ‘Garhwali Thali’ is an excellent lunch option especially in winter in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. A mix of textures, ranging from pastry-like coverings made from Jhangori and Rice atta before being stuffed with sweet fillings to small, crisp Urad Dal Vadas. Mussoorie offers restaurants which serve gourmet continental fare, heart Indian meals, and authentic tibetan snacks that surely will satiate all food cravings.

Trekking is worth an option for exploring the wonderland of Mussoorie. Closest to the Marriott was a Shivalik Mountain Trekking Path.  The explorable mountains and lush green valleys, drenched in the blue sky, surely make walking and trekking hard to forget. These undiluted times spent exploring the wild and serene nature in turn provide you with the much needed me-time.

This hill station holds a significant place in every traveller’s heart that can’t be replaced by any other destination. Mussoorie’s old-world charm won’t disappoint travellers and will leave you feeling positively rejuvenated and raring to go.

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