Location:  Located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, This country is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea, to the north and northeast by FranceAndorra, and the Bay of Biscay and to the west and northwest by Portugal .

Weather: The Spanish summer can either be a pleasant one or very hot. A good time to visit this European country is in the month of June when the street life is most alive while beginning July and mid August the sun can get unbearable and towards end August the scotching sun fades away giving way to autumn. This month also sees a lot of cultural activities despite the risk of some rain. December to mid March is a quite cold and dry Spain with occasional snowfalls. Tourists might find hotels at offseason prices.

Cuisine: There are many regional specialties all over the country, but a few authentic dishes that no one should miss are, The Paella that is a rice dish prepared with seafood. From all of the food this one is the most famous with savoury yellow rice cooked in herbs, spices, vegetables and seafood of your choice! The second most widely served dish in Spain is the Spanish Omelette also known as ‘Tortilla Española‘ and most restaurants in Spain serve a variety in this with potatoes, eggs and chopped onions fried in a pan with oil and salt. Coming to desserts, the Turrón is most commonly found in Catalonia and its made of sugar, honey and egg whites with added nuts. Wine for the Spaniards is just as the way salt is to tasty food.

Fashion: Clothing in Spain is a blend of traditional Spanish wear and western style. Traditional Spanish attire was always elegant and had a touch of multicoloured decoration on it. The fabrics are rich and created with metallics and jewels. Today’s Spanish clothes are still colourful but have more of western style which isused for daily wear. Although, festivals, bullfights and grand ceremonies are still performed in traditional clothing.

Language: This may seem surprising but in Spain, Spaniards do not speak Spanish very commonly, the most used language is Catalan in all the popular cities. For the locals, Spanish is their second language and Catalan is their first. 65% of Spaniards speak no English at all and the remaining 35%, speak it well.

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