TravelsALaCarte x Beauty

Beauty x Travel, the first of my very own blog series, #theblendseries. Beauty x Travel may not seem like an important topic to talk about full-fledgedly, but it really should be our top priority while travelling. We have all sorts of questions about beauty, but did we ever mingle it with travel? 

Maintaining your summer tan, taking care of your skin during frosty winters and, the showstopper, the perfect beauty routine for a long haul flight, here we cover it all in one blog.

 The quest to discover the secret to each of these matters never end, but leave it to us, and read further: 

  • Maintaining your summer tan~

The dazzling blue sky, the relentless bronze sun mixed with the sultry, balmy air… Back from a really steamy summer holiday with a golden tan glow you don’t want to let go of? We’ve all been through it. However, you can preserve your ripe tan by just following these simple tips: 

  1. Moisturize and keep the SPF handy- You need to keep moisturizing your body at all times, because if your skin starts peeling, the tan peels away too! 
  1. Hydrate, Hydrate!– Spending too much time in the sun and also taking long, hot showers, dehydrates you really quickly. Thus, drink as much water as you can and avoid hot showers. 
  1. Exfoliate mildly– Dry skin cells make your skin look dull and monotonous so you need to exfoliate to glow, but exfoliate mildly to protect your tan. Use a sponge or a dry brush to exfoliate while keeping your tan intact. 
  1. Self tanning– Once you’ve tanned naturally, self-tanning adds to the gleam. Tanning lotion or sprays make your tan stand out wonderfully. 
  1. Wear White- White creates an illusion and thus makes your tan look bright and lovely! 
  • Skincare for Winter Travel~ 

The crisp breeze of the every winter wonderland, the frosty atmosphere and the unforgettable snow = the perfect weather. However, chapped lips and dry skin are always the side effects! The best skincare routine to follow is: 

  1. Avoid hot showers- The fluctuation between a cold and hot temperature causes your skin to dry really quickly especially if you’re taking long hot showers; use lukewarm water. 
  1. Moisturize / use aloe vera– Using a deep moisturizer right after a shower prevents dryness. You must however keep moisturizing or using aloe vera as much as you can.
  1. Use SPF- Sunscreen isn’t restricted to summers only; the winter sun is quite clear and can directly affect your skin, so use sunscreen. 
  1. Hydrate from inside– Since water maintains the pH of your body, hydrating is imperative to keep your body temperature constant. 
  • Long haul flight beauty routine~

Air travel + skin = disaster . The mixture of altitude and cabin pressure can decrease blood flow, directly dulling your complexion. The humidity on a plane is below 20% while in daily life we’re accustomed to a minimum of 30%  and thus your skin is extremely dehydrated and lustreless. It can either be super oily or too dry depending on your skin type. 

  1. Keep hydrating cleansing wipes handy– Hydrating facial wipes unclog your pores and keep refreshing your skin, thus taking away the dullness. 
  1. Use a sleeping mask– A water sleeping mask penetrates right into your skin, thus hydrating it throughout your journey effortlessly. At the same time, you don’t need to wash it away so it’s easy to manage. 
  1. Use SPF– Sunscreen is a must when you’re travelling especially if you’re seated by the window because the UV rays are the strongest. In order to protect your skin, make use of an SPF. 
  1. Use lip balms–  In order to refrain from developing chapped lips, have a lip balm applied to your lips throughout the flight. 

Wearing makeup inflight is not suitable for your skin, the main reason being, it clogs your pores and holds onto dirt since there isn’t fresh ventilation. However if extremely necessary, use a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, cream blushes and tinted lip balms only.