Prague, a walk into a page of a fairytale…… Cobbled streets, tall & ancient street lights, palaces on hill tops, crystal clear reflecting water, royal trams, vintage cars across the roads, the old town & the new town, the detailed old carvings on the towers, the 1940’s bomb blast scars on the houses/ residences and the narrow pebbled streets…


Located in Europe, Czech Republic stands the city of dreams; Prague, bisected by the famous Vltava River. Part of central Europe, and capital of Czech Republic.

I walked through the city of Prague. Looking around, I got attracted to the ‘Charles Bridge’; a walkaway back in time.

Charles Bridge, so long that people call it a mini town with caricature artists, musicians, artists, sellers, vendors and many other people showcasing their qualities and some selling their works. The bridge is so lively while walking, that it doesn’t seem boring at all! A perfect picture spot, in the background stands the Prague Palace lit up and in front is the Vltava River glittering by the side.


Crossing the Charles Bridge, you enter the old town. The first thing that caught my sight was a small traffic signal for the people waiting to cross, and the bizarre part is that only cars are allowed in the lane that end up in a mysterious pathway! Then my sight lands on the cryptic Prague Astronomical Clock; the local superstition, when the bell rings on the clock, people expect something bad coming in Prague’s way. Carved with skeletons and medieval representations. Further into the Charles Bridge are local designer shops recommended for shopaholic tourists. Also the classic bars and unique looking coffee shops and cozy patisseries, take us away from the present and back to the past. The world after the Charles Bridge is innumerable.


Next I would recommend going for the ghost tour (as they call it ‘Prague The Most Haunted City in Europe’) the creepy tour begins late in the night in front of the Prague Cathedral, the tour guide dressed in a vampire attire holding the ancient lantern along with several rings in his fingers. Much of a clichéd look he had but worth an experience. During the tour I discovered several anonymous places of Prague like many graveyards. While the tour is on we were told many hidden truths and stories about Prague and then drops us back to where we begun the tour. It was splendorous!


Soon I went for a much awaited Segway Tour. Luckily this tour was for 10 years and above so both kids and adults could enjoy this adventure on the roads! The ride was led by a trained employee who gave us practice on how to handle the Segway before we begin the ride, everyone had an individual Segway and we could choose the time limit either 30 minutes or 1 hour. We were also given safety gears to wear though the ride was really safe and worth it. Even for beginners!

Another stupendous part about my trip was the vintage car ride! For people who didn’t own a vintage car, they could rent one with a driver and take a tour seeing the historical places in Prague for the time limit they wanted. The tour could be booked only for your family where you could see several places through the vintage car ride and also stopped there for the time wanted and could also get down to take pictures! It was divine and breathtaking.

I was in Prague only for 3 days, so couldn’t do much but whatever I did, made it worth a visit. So I would recommend Prague to each and every person and that you should visit it at least once in your life because of its medieval European touch.
Ways to get there: From neighboring countries or cities you can get to Prague by train or by air. For inter- city travelling, road or rail are the preferred modes. For countries far away, the best way is by air.
Weather: July is the hottest month in Prague with an average temp. of 18c and the coldest is January at 1c with the most sunshine hours at 9 in June. The wettest month is May with an average of 69mm of rain.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit Prague is during Spring (March) and early fall (September) when the weather is mild and there are lesser tourist crowds.
Specialty of food in Prague: A ‘Traditional Bohemian Platter’ consisting of roast duck, roast Pork, Beer sausage, Smoked meat, red and white cabbage, bread, Bacon and potato dumplings.

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